Banks need to be fully open!

On a recent Saturday, a local bank had a long line of vehicles waiting at their two drive-through lanes and ATM lane. Mostly waiting for the two lanes. The line was backed up past the marked turn lane for the bank drive-throughs which are located on a very busy street. It was backed up for the length of the street block.

Some vehicles were “line jumping,” saying they thought the line was parked vehicles on the street. My wife kindly asked one person to go to the end of the line. Others were sounding horns and getting very anxious. It could have gotten nasty or even caused an accident.

If this continues, especially at the end of month and on a Saturday, an officer may be needed for traffic control, or a large sign with arrow pointing to the drive through lanes put up.

Let’s get these banks fully opened, but still follow the COVID-19 guidelines for businesses.


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