Democrats dropped the ball on COVID-19 virus

I am tired of the Democrats complaining that President Trump did not do enough or act fast enough on the COVID-19 Virus.

Back in December of 2019, the President tried to restrict air traffic from China and the Democrats called him a xenophobe and a racist. In January and February, the President was starting the wheels moving on the virus situation.

What was the Democrats’ leadership doing in December and January? They were on the “impeachment fever train.” All they talked about was impeaching the President.

They had tunnel vision and were not concerned with anything else but “getting the President.” Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer and Jerry Nadler sound the alarm on the COVID-19 virus?

Because all the Democrats were concerned about was impeachment of the President and not the well being of the United States. I really believe that the Democrats dropped the ball on this one.

Where are the conservative and moderate Democrats? I know you are out there because I talk with you all the time.

Why are you letting an elitist and a liberal minority in your party take over your party?

Stand up and be heard!


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