Difficult times

We have all faced a very difficult time these last three months and we will be facing a budget gap for sure.

As we try to balance our books, over taxation is not the answer to economic growth.

Our region has benefitted tremendously thanks to natural gas development in the Marcellus Shale.

A severance tax on the industry is simply a terrible idea. Natural gas operations have created hundreds of high-paying jobs for people like me across the region. These jobs have made it possible for us to buy homes, send our kids to college, and support local businesses.

And it’s not just us that the industry is helping. Impact taxes on natural gas operators have supported our communities immensely — by funding essential local services and a wide variety of environmental, conservation, and infrastructure initiatives.

The industry is already doing its fair share to make Pennsylvania great.

If Gov. Wolf’s proposed severance tax is passed, we may lose all of this. High-paying jobs could be lost — and everyone in our commonwealth would suffer.

This tax is simply not worth doing. Hundreds of your constituents that work in this industry, including me, love our jobs — and we are counting on our leaders in Harrisburg to fight for us by rejecting a severance tax.


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