Donald Trump offers proof of his self-proclaimed genius

In a recent interview, Donald Trump offered the results of what he called a “mental acuity” test that he had just taken.

He proudly proclaimed that he had been able to correctly repeat five words that the tester had given him — his example was “person, woman, man, camera, TV.” And he then noted that he was able to give them “in order” again when asked to recall them several minutes later — proudly stating that this earned him “extra points” on the test, something that “amazed” the tester!

Trump also said that he couldn’t remember the name of this test that he had taken! Is this the man you continue to support as your President?

A man you deem qualified to continue another four years as the leader of our country! This is a true story! I did not make this up!

Check the past news if you have not heard this and/or do not believe me.


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