Evelyn Garbrick

It was bittersweet reading the recent Express article about the upcoming retirement of Evelyn Garbrick from her sewing shop after 40 years of service.

Sweet because Evelyn now gets the chance to enjoy retirement; bitter because now one won’t have the opportunity to see Evelyn in downtown Lock Haven.

A visit to Evelyn’s little shop in the rear of Penny Lane is akin to going back in time, a time when everything seemed more basic and less fast-paced.

Upon entering the shop, one likely sees Evelyn peeking around from a stack of material she is working on and greeting customers in as cordial and friendly way possible.

No high-tech equipment at Evelyn’s shop, just the basic needle/thread, scissors, tape measure around her neck, and a little white pad and a pencil to write down your order.

No doubt about it, Evelyn is a throwback to an earlier period of American business.

What I will remember most about Evelyn, however, is not the trousers she hemmed or the holes she patched, but her down-to-earth, sensible, home-spun wisdom she would dispense whenever I visited her shop.

Every day was a good day to Evelyn, and every person who came through the door was a good person in Evelyn’s mind.

Job well done, Evelyn. You did it the right way!


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