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When the president talks about history, it makes me think about some he has made. He says he is the least racist person on Earth, but in the mid-1980s he paid a $200,000 fine when an employee named Kurt Brown testified in a civil hearing that when the Donald and Ivanka came on a floor of his casino in Atlantic City, all the black employees had to leave until they left and then they were allowed to come back. He told his manager that they were lazy but that it was not their fault because it was bred into them. He always talks about his love of the military but in 1997 when Howard Stern ask him in an interview why he never enlisted or went to Vietnam, he said “STDs and AIDS was his ‘Nam.” He said being single and dating was a war zone.

He always talks about how bad abortions are but asked if he ever paid for one — he will not answer. He told Stern that women were more agressive than men when it came to sex, and that married ones were the worst. While running for president in 2016, he blasted President Obama all the time about playing golf so much, saying, “If I get elected, I will be working so much I will not have time to golf.”

As of last count, he has has played golf 274 times since he took office, over twice as many times as Obama at a cost of over $100 million to the taxpayers — $500,000 for third-party golf carts for secret service men and $550,000 for secret service to stay in the hotels that he owns.

“Sixty Minutes” just had a segment on the wall that Mexico was going to pay for south of San Diego that is six miles long that cost $50 billion dollars that has a tunnel in it that dumps millions of gallons of raw sewage into the ocean where our Navy SEALs train when it rains hard from rivers in Tijauna where they have no septic systems.

So as Trump keeps telling us lies about everything under the sun just to make himself look good, remember some day when he is finally gone that if you backed him, you’re going to be part of his history. Another good one before I close — he is always spouting off about how much money China is paying in tariffs. Last fall my brother needed a new fridge so I went with him to the store.

It was a Tuesday and when we said we needed a new fridge the salesman said, “This is our best seller and it costs $400, but if you wait until after Friday when Trump’s tariffs kick in, it will be $600.” I would like one of you Trumpers to explain how that hurts China.

When Obama gave the auto industry $12 billion to save the auto industry, all the Republicans went wild. The good news is that they paid back every cent. Trump has given the farmers billions of dollars on three occasions and they are still losing their farms, even after selling all of the machinery.

I feel sorry for the farmers but you and I both know we will never see a cent of that money back. Republicans are as silent as could be.

So the next time you here him talking about history, think of what he is leaving behind for us to remember. One thing he leaves us with that might be good to know, hydroxychloroquine, is a gateway to Lysol and Clorox.


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