Local Walmart can do more to enforce mask wearing



About two weeks ago, a headline in The Express read, “Masks Required,” mandated by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.

Apparently, the Mill Hall Walmart failed to get the paper that day.

Recently, my husband and I decided to go to the Mill Hall Walmart store for some items.

I stayed in the car while my husband went in the store. He wore a mask and I only saw two women go in the store with masks.

While I sat in the car, dozens of people went in and out of the store, not one was wearing a mask other than the two women and my husband.

My husband asked in the store why this was happening, and the clerk told him they are not allowed to enforce it.


It is a law in Pennsylvania to wear a mask in a public place. As of yesterday, both Walmarts in State College had someone at the door telling customers they could not enter without a mask.

It was the same at the Giant Store where I shop for my groceries.

The Mill Hall store has lost any future business from us.

If customers’ safety means so little to that store, they won’t get our business.


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