Love and kindness

In these days of anger and divisiveness among so many, it is good to know there are still those around us who are loving, generous and compassionate. I can say this honestly because I have been and still am the recipient of these blessings.

I am a 91-year-old Korean War veteran who is surrounded by just such neighbors. During the last five or six Christmases I would receive baked goods and other niceties. Then beginning January this year I was in and out of the hospital three different times with pneumonia and I am on oxygen 24/7.

My neighbors see that I get my mail and newspaper each day and continually bring me wonderful meals. Along with that, I hear a noise and look out my window and see another neighbor mowing my lawn. I won’t mention any by name because I do not want to discomfort any of them.

However, the good Lord knows them and I pray each day for Him to bless them for their kindness.

All of this during the virus epidemic as well.

God bless such people.


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