Maybe, maybe not

In a recent letter to the editor, the writer infers that some countries were not allowing U.S. travelers to enter due to the poor response our president has had in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.

Maybe we should look at some facts as reported by the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine. The case-fatality rate from COVID-19 for the following countries: U.S. 3.9 percent, Canada 8.0 percent, Mexico 11.6 percent, U.K. 15.4 percent, Belgium 15.5 percent, France 14.3 percent, Spain 11.0 percent, Netherlands 11.9 percent.

Maybe it’s not that they don’t want us in because of the chance that we will spread the infection.

Maybe they are actually concerned for your safety in that we are safer in the United States than in those places where we are not welcome!


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