No doubt

In a 12-hour period of time, 11 people were shot in New York. During the 2017 Chicago July 4th celebrations, more than 100 people were shot and over two dozen lives were lost.

In the last three years in the entire U.S., did police officers murder less than 11 or more than 100 African American men?

Vice President Mike Pence said all lives matter, yet the radicals and misguided act like Pence cursed at a group of tiny helpless children.

Even if a child doesn’t see burning buildings and police cars, only a savage puts their child in harms way.

There is nothing virtuous about putting your child in harms way.

I belive it’s a sin and a crime to introduce children to radical arrogant behavior.

The statues that are being removed or destroyed don’t represent saints. The statues represent wise people that had wisdom. I’m pretty sure that Mother Teresa would say the same as Mike Pence.

If we find that she has, should we destroy all photos, paintings or statues of her? WWJD? What would Joe (Biden) do as president?

There’s not a doubt in my mind that Biden will do whatever people like AOC, Nancy, Sharpton and the Chinse Communist Party tell him to do.


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