Oh come on

Seriously? Now people are attacking Mrs. Butterworth, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. Good grief, is nothing sacred to anyone anymore? What’s next, Little Miss Sunshine on Sunbeam bread packages? How about Little Debbie?

How about pictures on dog and cat food containers and bags — are they making anyone angry? After all, they may use brown or black dogs or white cats.

Who actually lays awake at night and dreams up this nonsense? Stop being angry and instead be proud of how far your ancestors have brought you. “Gone with the Wind’s,” Hattie Winston (God rest her soul) was one of the most sought after as an actress for her time and era. And as far as statues, monuments, buildings or forts, etc., like it or not, it’s history. It’s in the past but unfortunately it will never go away.

One thing puzzles me. Are all the protesters honestly concerned about the four men’s deaths or is it just an excuse to deface, destroy, verbally abuse innocent people and law enforcement, and steal? Are you justified? Guess again. Here’s the truth, the sad reality of the situation. America, known as the United States of America, was not the origin of slavery. Why? Because this country had not even been discovered. Slavery has been around since our beloved Jesus’ time so where were you when He needed help?

Plus, in our day and age, if any group of people have the right to be angry it’s the Japanese-American citizens placed in encampment areas because of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Those attacks were by the Japanese. But to a horribly frightened American, it did not matter, so millions of innocent people and their children were “encamped.”

And how many people of all races and colors remember or learned about the Holocaust, the worst act of inhumanity and injustice directed toward millions of innocent Jewish people? They were thrown in concentration camps, beaten, starved, enslaved and murdered because Adolf Hitler didn’t like them. And yet, when he was small, his best friend was Jewish. Go figure.

So don’t think you are special. Stop causing trouble for everyone. There are so many good people of all races, colors, and creeds who are productive members of society. Stop causing trouble, stop causing destruction.

If you keep going the way you’re going and our economy fails anymore, what country are you going to move to?

No other country will put up with such childish behavior. And they have rules and prisons.


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