School could open Oct. 5

Why is there a rush to open school? Why not start October 5? By then other school districts will have already tested a variety of ways to reopen and we can learn from their successes or failures.

I believe we can determine the start date. If we wait, we can monitor a variety of other districts and their methods for reopening.

That would put us in a position to choose the best and safest way for our kids to interact in classrooms, hallways, socializing before and after school and riding to and from school.

If it turns out there is no spike In Covid-19 cases in other school districts then we move forward with a lot more knowledge and we know our kids are safe. Why take any chance with our kids?

We can wait one more month.

These are the children we love.

Why rush?

If you agree with me, say so.

Don’t just say it to your neighbors and friends but make a phone call to your representative on the school board and tell them.


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