She should resign

I did not vote for Stephanie Borowicz in 2016, nor in 2018. Seeing her actions for the past year and a half, I will not be voting for her in 2020.

Asked to deliver an opening prayer for the state House of Representatives, she proceeded to give a testimony.

This prayer should be for all religions, not just her personal choice.

Next, she said we can’t afford to raise the minimum wage. She wanted the state to declare March 30 as a day of humiliation, fasting, and prayer to her God.

She then declared that the virus was God’s punishment for our sins.

She shows that she is, what I call a small Christian.

Jesus never called down the wrath of God on His people.

Now she wants to impeach Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. She even threatened to contact U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr to help.

Why isn’t she trying to help all the people in this 76th House District,who are suffering from the virus and loss of income.

She went to Harrisburg with her own agenda.

Wake up people. She should resign and go back to Florida.


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