Thanks to the Partnership

Years ago I joined the Clinton County Economic Partnership because I believed in its mission to be the official voice of business in Clinton County.

I believe in its goals to promote job creation and job retention for all of our Clinton County businesses, whether that local business is in my line of work, the insurance industry or a manufacturer, a retail business or any small business.

We are all struggling with the Covid pandemic.

Lives are being negatively impacted, employees are finding themselves out of work and business owners are faced with unprecedented challenges to keep the doors open. No amount of government loans can make a difference when you’re being told that you cannot stay open for business or you only sell to 25% of your market.

I want to thank the Clinton County Economic Partnership for recognizing this and advocating for bars, taverns and restaurants in Clinton County.

I joined the Partnership to have this collective voice speak for business in Clinton County and I’m so happy that the Partnership has done just that.


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