The real tragedies

I have to commend Presidential Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for chastising the White House reporters during a recent press conference.

Apparently all the White House reporters were interested in that day, just after the 4th of July holiday weekend, was asking questions about the White House’s position and thoughts on the Confederate flag.

They never asked her one question about the gun violence in major American cities over the July 4th weekend.

Among the casualties were Davon McNeal, Secorea Turner, Vernando Jones, Loyta Demarco Giles and Natalia Wallace who were killed in the cities of Chicago, Atlanta, New York City and Washington DC. These were all children, of Black American ancestry, killed on the weekend of a national holiday. That was a terrible tragedy.

Somehow what reporters for these mainstream media agencies seem to think is important doesn’t come close to the real tragedies that are occuring on American big city streets and should the headline stories in every media outlet.


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