The right to catch COVID-19



I read the July 4-5 Weekend Edition article reporting that 76th District State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz and her partisan are group slamming Gov. Tom Wolf and the state Supreme Court.

I completely agree that Pennsylvania citizens’ rights are being curtailed as every person in the state should have the right to catch COVID-19.

There are states with nice governors, like Florida, who will take no responsibility when their citizens get several thousand virus cases per day.

We can only get 400. This deprives several thousands of Pennsylvania citizens from equal access!

On the mask issue, it must be that, if I have the virus, it is the Christian thing to do to blow it on the person near me and you should be thankful I did. We just returned from Brigatine Beach, N.J., where the policy is “No shirt, no shoes, no masks, no service.” All were masked and no one was crying about doing it. Gov. Wolf got the mask idea when a Republican governor candidate told him to get a catcher’s mask because he was going to stomp his face with golf shoes.

Rep. Borowicz supported this candidate. I hear she is new to the area … from Salem, Mass.?


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