The slow fade of American freedom



On a recent morning I received an interesting forward from a friend regarding a COVID-19 tracing app on iPhones. When I looked, I was horrifically surprised to see that it was on my phone also. I truly believe this was an illegal download, as I was never asked if I wanted this tracing app on my phone. I have never in the last several months (maybe longer) actively clicked any update on my phone. Nor would I ever agree to have any form of COVID-19 contact tracing on my phone or person. I want the tech companies to take this tracing app down. They have no business putting it on anyone’s phone without their permission.

Has contact tracing been done on any of the illnesses people in America have suffered — H1N1, SARS, Influenza A or B, MRSA, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS?

Isn’t contact tracing a violation of privacy? What has happened to HIPPA? Is HIPPA null and void now that COVID-19 has emerged? I believe, while there is a virus, this is a ploy used by certain political parties, big tech companies and big pharma to gain control. They want to slowly desensitize America to losing its freedom. If this, then what is next? Who will fight for our freedom that so many Americans have lost their lives for?

I am writing this to see if you will fight for our freedoms. Will you do what it will take to keep the America I have known and loved from becoming a Marxist-Facsist-Communist country? I believe America is the last strong force standing in the way of all of that. Will you fight to keep the America I so deeply love great?


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