Time for change

The good people of the 76th Pennsylvania House district have an important choice to make come November.

As someone not originally from here, but who now calls this area home, I have been more than appalled and disgusted with my current voice in Harrisburg.

The role of a representative is just that, to represent. In our divided world and society, many have come to believe that elected officials are only there to represent those constituents who belong to the same party that they do.

I find that argument not only ridiculous but also detrimental to our future prosperity and happiness.

I long for the day that my voice in Harrisburg is more than just a sounding board for partisan issues. I long for the day that my voice in Harrisburg fights for all people in the 76th district. Luckily, on November 3rd, there will be a name on the ballot that will do just that: Joe Waltz.

Not only is Joe a native son of the 76th district, but he is also someone who rises above party politics. I have been nothing but impressed with his campaign, his ability to connect with people, and his willingness to actually answer questions about the issues and engage in discussion. Abraham Lincoln talked about the better angels of our nature, in November I hope that we are able to rise above our respective political parties and choose the candidate that is willing to work for all of us.


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