We’ll get Covid-19 right … eventually

Like Mark Twain and Yogi Berra, Churchill probably didn’t say half the things he’s supposed to have said. In any event, Churchill is supposed to have said: “Americans will always do the right thing, only after they have tried everything else.” Well, whoever said it, the saying applies to the US’s handling of coronavirus.

Much of the rest of the world has gotten control of the monster: Big countries; little countries; countries that are allies; countries that are opponents. Almost everybody but us. They all heard about the story of origins of the Covid 19 spread from China when we did. But they did something different than what we did when they heard about it.

They all developed mandatory, coordinated, governmentally enforced, national plans involving staying at home, closing of businesses, social distancing, wearing masks and hygiene. We did not. Too many of us instead said: “Hell, nobody is going to tell me what to do.” So the national government left it to the states. Most of the states left it to individuals. And too many individuals left it to others.

So, before we do the obvious right thing, we will have to have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of more infections, tens and tens of thousands of more deaths that will lead to a closing of our economy, and millions and millions more of unemployed, a crash of our economy, a tanking of the stock market and of our life times savings.

Then… we will do the right thing.

In the meantime, the world won’t be sitting around waiting for our recovery.


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