When do we stop blaming others?

It seems that all we hear today is how bad we are treated by others, especially the cops who are trying to protect us. But some citizens refuse to do anything about the rioters who are destroying by smashing windows of businesses and stealing from them.

The cops can only stand by and watch this anarchy. God help this courageous group of people who step in to put a stop to it. These brave men and women are condemned and called racist.

These rioters remind me of a spoiled child who marks the wall with colored pens, kicks someone or sticks their tongue out at their parent or guardian. A remark I have often heard was, “Oh, they’re just children.” Seldom, if ever, were these brats ever disciplined or held responsible for their horrible actions. The outcome of this is what we have now!

True Americans must stand up and shout to the rooftops, “Enough is enough!” Then we must take action by backing up the police in arresting these criminals and show the honorable proud side of the United States and show others that we will not be abused or trampled on.

May God bless this nation and forgive its citizens for standing by and doing nothing in preventing the destruction of this magnificent land that the Lord gave us.


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