Who would have thought?

Who would have thought going from 2019 to 2020

That we would be fighting an enemy we can’t see.

A covid-19 virus from China,

Traveling across the world with a vengeance,

Tearing families apart, leaving loss of life,

Loss of jobs, fear and uncertainty,

Not knowing where our future stands.

This virus is a puzzle, it’s affects are unknown.

We have many questions and little answers

As it travels across our world attacking people

Of all ages, making them sick, causing death

To many, hurting our way of life.

We have no a cure or medication to fight it,

Only using common sense seems to slow it down.

Staying at home, staying away from crowds,

Wearing a mask, washing our hands often or using sanitizer,

Keeping six feet apart, no hand shakes or hugs,

And disinfecting our homes often.

But this can only go so far.

When I think of this virus and all the evil

In our world today, drugs taking charge of our young,

School killings, gang killings, bullying, hatefulness

Because of the color of our skin

Or religious beliefs or because we are different

Sin is all around us.

The devil has been working overtime.

Trying his best to pull us apart or destroy us.

Taking Christ out of our schools, government

Closing church doors for lack of old and young.

Needing the Lord, facing life without regret

Or respect for ourselves or fellow men.

We need to pray for forgiveness and ask for help.

We need to put the devil in his place

And let God back into our world.

God created us and this world we live in.

Without God’s help and power to heal

This virus could end life, or life as we know it

May never be the same.

We can’t let the devil win this battle.

We are weak but God is strong.

With Christ we can win this round.


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