Across the aisle


Beech Creek

For many years in the past, we had a 76th District state House representative who had a great talent for working with his colleagues, including those on the other side of the aisle.

This is not what we have now with our current representative.

We need a 76th District representative who can listen as well as talk, and is willing to work toward agreeable compromise. Compromise is the essence of our American Democracy. We need someone in the office that will prevent the gridlock we all hate. On Nov. 3 we have the opportunity to have a representative who will work with all colleagues by voting for Joe Waltz.

A bill was presented in the state house to renew the Emergency Telephone Service and Establishing the 911 Fund at practically no cost to taxpayers (205 Act 12, HB 911). Only two representatives in the entire state voted against this potentially life-saving bill: our current 76th District Representative and one other republican. This time, fortunately, this beneficial legislation was passed by both houses. Is this the kind of leadership we deserve?

Joe Waltz studies the issues that affect the 76th District and is on top of them. He will listen to local citizens and officials, and be a dependable voice in the Pa. State House to achieve progress.

Joe puts people over party and special interests. He will work for ALL the residents of our district. On Nov. 3, vote for Joe Waltz for state representative.


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