Are you as tired of politics and politicians as I am?


North Bend

Are you as tired of politics and politicians as I am? Are you tired of all the negativity, the name calling, the division of our state and country?

Do you sometimes feel like our elective officials are acting like a bunch of school kids and wonder how a teacher can bring their class together and accomplish anything positive and often think what they need is a teacher in office to get them to accomplish anything?

Do you often think our elected officials fighting across the aisle, never getting along, never agreeing on anything, never moving ahead to do what is needed for our country, our state, their constituents, acting like two opposing teams playing on opposite ends of the court and think what they need is a referee to get them to get along and work for a common goal.

Do you often think our country, our state needs to be run like a small business? Like a small business owner, they cannot survive by constantly spending more money than they make and then raising prices (taxes) to balance their budget. They must constantly re-evaluate their business practice to insure they are providing the best product at the best price. They must treat their customers (constituents) in a kind, friendly and professional manner. By giving their customers the best product, for the best price, in the best atmosphere, they provide an environment that not only keeps their customers, but also attract new ones.

Do you wonder where we can find such a person, a teacher, a referee, a small business owner, to best represent us in Harrisburg? Why wonder no more, that person is available right here in the 76th District in Joe Waltz.

Joe Waltz grew up on a farm knowing first hand what hard work is about. He attended college receiving his teaching degree. He began his career at Lock Haven High School, where he positively influenced the lives of thousands of our children, where he was known as a fair and compassionate teacher. A teacher that helped mold his students into intelligent, productive members of society.

After school hours Joe could often be found on the basketball courts where he referreed hundreds of games. The players and coaches knew when Joe was refereeing, he would be impartial and fair, helping to provide a positive atmosphere.

Joe and his wife Stephanie successfully owned and operated a small business.

As a teacher, a referee, a small business owner, Joe knows he must listen to all the people of the 76th District, regardless of their political affiliation, race, religious believes, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Joe’s commonsense approach and experience ensures he will be able to reach out “across the aisle” to work with his fellow representatives to benefit the constituents of the 76th District.

Joe knows that to improve the quality of life in our area he must focus on a multitude of issues, including job creation and fair wages, quality and affordable education, support for our small businesses, ensuring that broadband internet is available to rural Pennsylvania, conserving and promoting our natural resources to build on our outdoor recreation economy and removing excessive financial burdens from our senior citizens living on fixed incomes. Joe knows that the only way to achieve these goals and others, is to work together.

This campaign for state representative for the 76th District is not about political parties or campaign rhetoric. It is about ensuring the constituents of the 76th District feels that they will be included and heard in Harrisburg. The best way to guarantee this, “People over Party” philosophy, is to not elect a typical politician to be your representative in Harrisburg, but elect a teacher, a referee, a small business owner.

On Nov. 3 cast your vote for the person that has the lives experiences to best represent us, Joe Waltz.


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