Conspiracy theories have no place here


Lock Haven

It was extremely disturbing to open up The Express — a medium I once turned to for facts and information — and see opinion columns devoted to the rants of a madman hiding behind the church to broadcast political conspiracy theories and whip up rage against anyone, any country and any institution that doesn’t march in lockstep with extreme conservative propaganda. (Re: COVID-19, the church and U.S. Constitution.)

There are inaccuracies and wild-eyed hatred rampant in every paragraph of this despicable bully pulpiting.

Arguably, the worst part is his maniacal and widely debunked theories that China intentionally unleashed Coronavirus on the U.S.

Is the writer scapegoating to take blame away from Donald Trump? Is he advocating even further hate attacks on Asian Americans? He then trots out the usual rabid, right-wing assertions that by taking measures to keep Pennsylvanians safe from a virus that has taken more than 150,000 American lives, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has deprived us of our individual freedoms.

It’s not worth anyone’s time to hash out the many harmful and/or ridiculous statements in this article; unfortunately, fools with nefarious agendas walk among us.

But I must take The Express to task for printing it at all, even on the editorial page.

Articles that downplay a deadly pandemic and foment hate are not helpful to your readers, and bear no resemblance to journalism. I will get my news (as well as thoughtful, measured opinions) from other sources from now on.


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