Elect Joe Waltz


Lock Haven

It is time for a change in the 76th District. We need a state representative who values integrity, diversity, unity, leadership, honesty and empathy. I believe wholeheartedly that Joe Waltz encompasses all these values (and more) and is the change we so desperately need.

Joe is a candidate for the people, for all people. He is sincere in his love for this community and the people in it. I was not lucky enough to have Mr. Waltz as a teacher, but his former students that I am friends with always speak very highly of him.

It is not uncommon to hear them reminisce about his kindness, patience and acceptance.

I have no doubt that he would also approach his position as a state representative just the same.

In addition, one of the things I truly appreciate about Joe is his involvement in the community.

It is not uncommon to see him patronizing local restaurants, shops, and events all while taking the time to speak to friends, community members and voters of the district.

Joe does not attempt to sway the thoughts and opinions of our district with fear inducing rhetoric or subjective personal opinions.

Most recently my parents told me of their stop into the democratic headquarters in Lock Haven where they had the chance to interact with Joe.

They were quick to mention his sincerity and friendliness, noting that it was like catching up with an old friend.

Joe knows this community and district because he is actively a part of it.

We need someone who will represent us responsibly and reliably. We need someone who knows the people, advocates for change, and represents all constituents fairly.

Not only does Joe Waltz have my respect and support, he has my vote too.


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