I think I’ll vote for Joe Waltz

Because I want to be an informed voter, I recently attended Joe Waltz’s latest virtual Town Hall to learn more about the person running for State Representative in the 76th House District.

I was relieved right at the start to hear him say he will talk only about the issues we all face, and won’t get involved in name calling or partisan politics. I also liked what he said about guns (“I grew up with them, and I’m fine with anybody who uses them responsibly.”).

Regarding the local response to COVID-19, he said it’s regrettable that some small businesses in the area have suffered, but he reminded us that the national Centers for Disease Control commended PA for its rapid response to the virus, which resulted in minimal spread and hospitalizations. Mr. Waltz stressed that we all want the same thing–to be as safe as possible.

When someone asked how he feels about eliminating property taxes, he said he fears that might place a burden on senior citizens because this lost revenue would result in higher sales/income taxes. Instead, he’s considering tax rebates for some low-income citizens on luxury items like tobacco and soda.

Other policies I like: He supports area farmers who want to grow industrial hemp, which, he said, will soon be a billion dollar industry; he wants to expand broadband internet, which is crucial now that more people work and study from home, and he has a fascinating plan to provide well paying jobs by expanding services and amenities available to the many outdoor enthusiasts who visit Central PA.


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