In his shadow


Lock Haven

It has been said that our lives are but shadows and dust that pass quickly. There is an element of truth in this, but there are those who have cast a giant shadow, a shadow that protects us from the searing glare of injustice, prejudice and fear; and their shadows will last forever. John Lewis, the Conscience of Congress, was one of these.

Just as we have been comforted by his benevolent shadow, we have also prospered from the glow of his inspiring light.

John’s tireless, lifelong commitment led to beatings, incarcerations and verbal abuse. None of this deterred him from his goal: A more just world for everyone.

John has passed from this life but he lives still through his legacy. He was a fearless hero, an American patriot and now he is American history.

Thank you, John. Keep making “Good Trouble” from your new home, and we will do the same here.


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