Joe Waltz for the 76th District


Lock Haven

Like so many people in our area, I was lucky enough to have Joe Waltz as an art teacher when I was in school. I was even luckier to have Mr. Waltz as a mentor when I decided to volunteer with the Clinton County Democrats in 2008.

Knocking on doors, making phone calls, talking to strangers at the polls… all of these things are very far out of my comfort zone, but Mr. Waltz was always so encouraging and he really taught me a lot. He got me excited about voting and working the polls and I’ve volunteered my time in some way or another in almost every election since then.

There’s so much division these days — globally, nationally, locally — but I truly believe Mr. Waltz will strive to unite our area and will represent everyone in our district. He is the epitome of people over party and I will be so proud to be represented by him. I hope you will join me at the polls on Nov. 3 and vote for Joe Waltz!


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