Joe Waltz has the knowledge we need


Lock Haven

Knowledge. At a time when we need to be able to trust our leaders to make the right decisions affecting our businesses, families, and health, we need to have knowledgeable representatives in Harrisburg. Joe Waltz is the knowledgeable candidate that the people of the 76th District deserve — and have been longing for.

In fact, it is the knowledge that Joe brings to the table that makes him the candidate deserving of your vote, regardless of your political affiliation.

Joe has lived in Clinton County for decades. He knows the school systems, the economic challenges, and the concerns of seniors and outdoorsmen in our community. He also knows the challenges facing our small businesses, as his wife owned her’s for several years, and he was a champion of them long before it was a popular hashtag on social media.

Joe has not hesitated to answer questions from the local media, to participate in Q&A sessions at local events, or to involve 76th District voters in virtual and socially distanced meetings. He has used his social media page to share health and financial assistance information with our district, and he has shown his knowledge of the mandates by abiding by them and encouraging others to do the same.

Joe Waltz has the knowledge and character that we need in Harrisburg. He listens and offers solutions for the betterment of all, rather than just for those who share his beliefs. It is time that we have a representative who puts people over party. It starts with a vote for Joe Waltz.


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