Joe Waltz will fight for internet here

With the spread of COVID-19 nationwide, our students have been reduced to online classes on the computer, and business through the country is being done through broadband internet. That simple fact of 2020 has put a spotlight on the lack of reliable, broadband internet in our area. This is a crisis for our citizens, as reliable, fast internet is as important as utilities like electric and water for the economic health of this region.

The development of an available, affordable, reliable internet connection brings the opportunities of a larger region to all our students. It levels the playing field for children who need additional tutoring or special education. Advanced classes in language, science or mathematics become available for our students, even though our rural districts do not have enough students to afford a full-time instruction in advanced or specialized classes.

A stable, reliable and affordable internet system makes our small towns more attractive not only to individuals who wish to live here and work remotely, but also for companies of all sizes to locate here. We have a good supply of underutilized properties for new businesses to grow and we have people who need new opportunities. HR2348, a bill designed to begin to address this need in the Commonwealth, with preference given to areas that do not have broadband internet. It passed the House unanimously and is now in the State Senate.

Joe Waltz is a candidate that understands the importance of internet to the citizens of the 76th District. He speaks often about this issue and he would work hard for broadband internet throughout our region.


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