Joe Waltz will make education a priority


Lock Haven

Please join me in voting for Joe Waltz, candidate for State Representative in the 76th House District of Pennsylvania.

Joe is a native Pennsylvanian and has been a resident of Clinton County for over 50 years. He is married to the former Stephanie Kleckner, a retired small business owner.

Joe personally understands the importance of education in uplifting lives because he himself, after growing up on a small farm, was the first in his family to attend college. After college, Joe began his teaching career at the former Lock Haven High School, and continued on after Central Mountain High School was formed. He retired in 2007, ending a very successful career as teacher and coach for 34 years. Following retirement, Joe remained active in local community affairs.

Now, he hopes to take his years of service to Harrisburg on behalf of the people of Clinton and northern Centre counties.

Joe is committed to working to improve area infrastructure, bringing jobs to our area, helping veterans access health care at an affordable price, and he has a firm commitment to education. Joe pledges his support to our schools, including higher education.

Joe has been endorsed by the Pennsylvania State Education Association. He understands the needs of our schools, but also understands the challenges faced by taxpayers.

My husband and I were involved in teaching/administration/coaching for 27 years, I in the JSASD, and Ray in KCSD.

Three of our children were teachers who married teachers, and three of our grandchildren are teachers, two of whom are married to teachers. So, you see, education is in our blood. We are adamant in our desire to have education as a priority on the agenda of our governing body.

It is evident that education has not been a priority on the agenda of our current representative. Her legislative agenda reads like one who is not really interested in providing the quality and affordable education to which Joe Waltz aspires.

She voted NO to expanding tax credit education scholarships.

She voted NO to the State Budget for the fiscal year, 2019-2020, which provided $46.74 billion to the basic education funding to school districts.

It also included Read to Learn Block Grants, Pre-K Counts, personnel development for Special Education, school improvement grants, Head Start, safe school initiatives, and special education for exceptional children.

One of her campaign commercials said that she would strengthen schools, cut property taxes, build a reliable and safety net and push for retraining programs to put people back to work, AND, she would get rid of common core and eliminate PSSA testing.

How many of these promises have actually come to fruition?

Joe will work hand in hand with other legislators in improving the overall educational system, and, because of his 34 years of experience in education, I firmly believe that he will know exactly how to do that!

Also, because of that experience, I believe that Joe will be able and willing to provide assistance to those districts who might be experiencing problems with adjusting to the new rules presented by the pandemic.

So, please join me in voting for Joe Waltz on Nov. 3, 2020.

Your vote will assure us that we have someone in Harrisburg who will make education a priority.


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