What is wrong with us? Our country is not showing respect to the deceased we have lost due to this virus. We have lost members of family, friends.

And we march to the drummer! These masks are supposed to protect one another. It’s turned into a profit. There are thousands of these masks made in China. China! The way I understand it the virus came from China. They are responsible for so many deceased throughout the world. I will not put one dime for these masks made in China. There they go, making a profit on the deceased.

These masks have advertising for beer, sports, you name it, it’s on these masks–making a profit on our deceased. If an advertisement, why not the American flag, an Angel of Mercy, respect for the dead?

Please, someone tell me how these masks can be healthy. Some are worn day in and day out. They are soiled, some downright dirty. Next we’ll have a problem with infection of the lungs, sinus problems.

Let the beer, sports, etc. companies advertise. We are working for a cure. Spend that money on a cure!

Respect our departed and pray. Open our churches.


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