Shame on you, Walmart

Recently, I went to Walmart in Mill Hall. Entering just in front of me was a mother and two children — they were NOT wearing masks.

I was amazed as I watched the employee say absolutely nothing to them!

There was no reminder that masks are required, no request for them to please put on a mask, no offer to give them masks.


Inside, the employee who keeps track of the number of shoppers inside the store also did not challenge this mother.

This despite the headlines that Walmart made recently about joining other national retailers in requiring masks inside all of their stores.

They offered online shopping, curbside pick-up, many options to purchase from them as alternatives.

When I spoke to a manager, I was given embarrassed explanations about not being able to challenge shoppers without masks, not being able to ask for a doctor’s documentation of a medical condition, excuses galore.

This tells me how much Walmart cares about their employees and shoppers.

Shame on you, Walmart, for announcing that you will place safety above making money, but not having the courage to enforce your own policy.


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