Trump: The used car salesman

I find it amusing that President Trump now says it is a good thing to wear face masks and social distance? I guess he has changed his mind because his staff has finally gotten through his thick head that he is behind in all the polls.

He hasn’t figured out that the people who voted for him actually do watch what he does and many have changed their opinion of him. I guess if you take away enough people’s insurance and lower their welfare payments and take away money from the schools their children go to, they actually notice! It is obvious that people are dying everyday of the virus.

Coronavirus cases are going up all throughout Pennsylvania! He never says that he and his family have stopped using immigrant labor in his business’s and they sure haven’t started to “Buy American!” All the things they sell are made from overseas! He gives all his friends immunity from going to prison and talks badly about war heroes from a war he was too coward to enlist in and go into the military.

He sells his followers a kettle of crap and they buy it willingly! All he wants is to get re-elected to avoid going to jail and getting convicted when he is out of office!

He is nothing but a used car salesman disguised as a President! He is only worried about himself and what is in it for himself and his friends.

You wonder how can his followers be so blind? But they are!


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