Vote for Joe Waltz

I am writing this letter in support of Joe Waltz, who is running for state representative serving the 76th District. As his campaign has shared, Joe was an educator for decades and I — like many in our area — had him as my art teacher. Art was not a subject for which I had a talent and despite the challenges I faced with the content, I always felt accepted and encouraged when I entered his classroom. It did not matter that artistically my work left much to be desired because he worked with students on more than just content. He focused on helping us gain the skills that we would need to find success beyond the classroom.

When Joe says his campaign is focused on people, I believe that because that is how he approached the classroom every day.

It did not matter where his students came from or what skills they brought with them. He was there to listen and guide all of us no matter what. This is the same kind of approach he will bring when working with constituents of the 76th District.

Joe will make constituents feel accepted when they enter his office and encouraged when they reach out about an issue that is important to them. He will be there to listen to the issues that matter to all of us no matter our political party, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. He will work hard to ensure that issues that are important to us are heard in Harrisburg.

I hope you will join me in voting for Joe Waltz as State Representative of the 76th District because he will be a leader who will put people over party and who will fight for the interests of our district.


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