Vote for Joe Waltz



I love this area. Its natural beauty is amazing and its citizens work hard to build a better life for their children. That is why I am supporting Joe Waltz to be our next representative for the 76th District.

Joe is from this area. He grew up on a farm and was the first person in his family to go to college. He understands hard work and how important education is to improve everyone’s life. He also believes that preserving our natural resources will encourage tourism and economic development.

He will represent all of us in Harrisburg, and listen to everyone’s ideas. He is running because he believes in the potential of this area and that all of us have a right to be heard by him, irregardless of who we voted for.

Joe has no personal agenda for running, other than a desire to make our lives better and to give all of us a voice in Harrisburg.

I will proudly vote for Joe Waltz in November and I ask you to vote for him, too.


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