Faculty connections empower students


Beech Creek

As a Lock Haven University alumni, the potential cuts to academic programs and retrenchment of qualified and student-centered faculty bring me great sadness and concern.

Potentially cutting 47 faculty members disrupts the lives of 47 families and taxpayers that are neighbors and friends. Without faculty, what is higher education?

My experience at LHU was made meaningful not by the campus buildings or administrators, but by faculty that became life-long connections. As a first-generation college student, I could not ask my family for college advice.

LHU’s small class sizes allowed me to get to know my teachers, gifting me with mentors. My liberal arts degree equipped me with crucial critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, and analytical skills as well as others. These abilities go beyond niche techniques allowing them to be transferred to a world of opportunities.

I have no fear of being out of a job because I am capable, largely thanks to teachers, particularly those in the LHU English and Spanish departments.

Cuts to programs and faculty eliminate the chance that another Pennsylvanian like myself will have the opportunity to grow and make connections needed to land the job necessary to not only survive, but thrive in an ever-changing economy. These connections are what make LHU a haven.

Reducing connections reduces the greatness of the university and the benefits it brings to the area. Cost saving measures of retrenchment and elimination of majors are unlikely to be the solution to PASSHE’s financial problems.

I encourage others to contact PASSHE and local officials to fight for LHU.


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