Freedom of speech



I’m concerned about freedom of speech. My wife and I have lived in the beautiful countryside of Delaware Township for 42 years, both of us involved in serving our communities.

My wife was a Williamsport music educator and I worked in regional economic development. From my early childhood days we both were taught to be involved in our communities and to respect other people.

Recently my wife and I decided to express our support for the presidential candidate we thought would best serve our country for the next four years. We placed yard signs at different points on our property to exercise our freedom of speech.

This action in part was a response to many of our neighbors who have exercised their right to freedom of speech and have placed signs on their property stating their choice for the president this November.

I applaud and support my neighbors’ right to express their Constitutional rights of getting involved in political campaigns.

What we don’t respect is the fact that our signs were either defaced or removed within 24 hours of them being placed on our property. We have a right to express our opinion the same way our neighbors do, and our neighbors have a responsibility in our free society to understand that differences make America strong.

When our neighbors see our signs, what are they afraid of? As FDR said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Unfortunately one campaign for president has as its central focus the creation of fear in all of us and the other is focused on integrity and hope.

We choose integrity and hope and we should have the right to stand for that through self expression and freedom of speech.


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