Joe Waltz: The perfect person for the job


State College

Central Pennsylvania deserves a state representative like Joe Waltz.

We deserve someone who listens, cares, is hard-working, and is able to bring our community and other legislators together. Joe Waltz is the perfect person for this job.

I am one of the rare people who have had the privilege to have Joe as both a teacher and a coach.

Even rarer still, I had him as a coach when he was part of the coaching staff that united factions of former Lock Haven High School and Bald Eagle Nittany High School players into a cohesive, championship unit at Central Mountain High School.

As a teacher, Joe was caring, attentive and passionate. Even as an adult, I vividly remember learning about perspective drawing and its applications to everyday life. I also remember the detail and precision necessary to accurately draw, on paper, the cuticles one sees on one’s own hand. What I remember most however, is the patience and caring that Mr. Waltz took with each and every one of us until he knew that we all understood the concept and the dedication necessary to implement them properly.

As a coach, Joe was also caring, attentive, and even more passionate. I remember spending hours with Coach Waltz working on my power dribble and drop-step footwork until it was part of my muscle memory. After practice, I would see Coach Waltz utilizing the same fundamentals in the coaches vs. teachers game that he just got done teaching me.

He wasn’t the type of coach to teach you something and then do something else when it got down to the nitty gritty.

He practiced what he preached. His passion was genuine. He cared about his players and winning, and he wasn’t afraid to show it.

Joe Waltz was not afraid of doing the hard work necessary to help his students and players while also maintaining a level of attentiveness and care that seems to get overlooked in politics.

He loves winning but not at the expense of those that entrust him to do his job. Joe brings with him a background that suits him perfectly to represent the people of the 76th District.

(Mike Chilcot is a 2001 graduate of Central Mountain High School.)


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