Joe Waltz’ values represent all 76th District constituents



A Sept. 12, 2020 letter to the editor stated that Joe Waltz’s values are not the same as the majority of the constituents of the 76th district. Is one of these values to ignore constituents?

When I reached out to our current representative about anti-Semitic vandalism at the Fallon Hotel, I never heard from her. I’ve never seen a photo of her wearing a mask, an effective deterrent to the spread COVID-19.

Many of us have lost loved ones, or know of relatives and friends who struggle to recover from COVID-19. What does our current representative value when she refuses to wear a mask and not do her utmost to protect others’ lives?

In contrast, I met Joe Waltz at a meet and greet on Sept. 12, 2020, in Sugar Valley. He stressed the importance of education and finding ways to work across the aisle. He gave practical examples of how he would work for his constituents when he described concerns expressed to him about improving infrastructure, and challenges faced by a local community with improving roads — with challenges caused by higher costs now than when bids went out for the work. He understood these problems and would work hard to assist in these types of endeavors.

Joe Waltz values working for and collaborating with all of the constituents of the 76th district, a wonderful way for the 76th district to be represented in Harrisburg. I hope he can after this election.


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