More than just one issue



Evangelical Christians need to reconsider voting for candidates based on one issue — the candidate’s stance on abortion. This President has taught our children and future generations that it is OK to bully,

That’s it’s OK to be a sexual predator, OK to incite anger, OK to lie, OK to cheat, OK to call people names, OK to rant and rave, OK to blame someone else, OK to punish someone who disagrees with you, OK to be vindictive, OK to be racist and OK to believe in unproven conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump has the highest office in the land and as Christians, you have let him demoralize our youth.

Also, Social Security is funded primarily by FICA — which Trump calls the payroll tax. Trump’s executive order has instructed the IRS to delay collecting Social Security contributors until the end of the year, forcing Social Security to dip into its surplus to make payments.

Trump has promised that if he’s re-elected he’ll eliminate this, putting the trust fund on course for exhaustion by 2023.

With Social Security’s funding on track for total deductions, those Republicans who have opposed Social Security for years will have the leverage to demand privitization, raising the retirement age and payments need based.


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