Promises kept?


Centre Hall

I take issue with most, if not all, of the “Promises Made, Promises Kept” claimed by Trump and his enablers.

Economy claim: “Jump-started America’s economy into record growth.” Fact: Received a vibrant economy and oversaw a preventable economic crash related to mishandled COVID-19.

Immigration claim: “Protected the American Homeland by enforcing immigration laws.” Fact: Attempted to enact unconstitutional Muslim ban, incarcerated and separated children from their parents.

National security and defense claim: “Rebuilt our military, crushed ISIS, confronted rogue nations.” Fact: Took credit for battles won by Kurds then abandoned them, calls generals “dopes and babies,” troop approval falls for four years.

Regulation claim: “Removed red tape and ended unnecessary regulations.” Fact: Gutted environmental regulations resulting in cleanup cost burden on taxpayers, wiped out consumer protection, fought checks and balances in government.

Law and justice claim: “Partnered with local communities.” Fact: Sent FPS mercenaries to terrorize demonstrators, widely rejected by local government.

Energy and environment claim: “Reversed years of policies.” Fact: Provided windfall access to natural resources to big campaign donors.

Government accountability claim: “Make a government by and for the people.” Fact: Widely acknowledged as the least accountable administration in decades.

Health care claim: “Pepeal and replace ACA.” Fact: Weakened ACA, did not replace, grossly mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social programs claim: “Fighting back against… abortion service providers.” Fact: Beholden to religious special interests.

Education claim: “Supported…. school choice.” Fact: Promotes educational opportunity for the wealthy.

Veterans: “Commitment to our country’s veterans.” Fact: Calls veterans “losers” and “suckers.”


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