Re-elect Stephanie Borowicz


Mill Hall

It is with confidence and pride that I endorse the re-election of Stephanie Borowicz for our state House representative for the 76th District. She is endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business, Pennsylvania Gun Rights, Pennsylvania Builders and Contractors, National Rifle Association, Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers, Firearms Owners Against Crime, Gun Owners of America, and We The People of the 76th District.

Stephanie has served on many different committees during her time as State Representative. She has Sponsored or Co-sponsored over 55 House Bills which have had a positive impact on the 76th district and PA itself. It is critical for the safety of all Pennsylvanians that we continue to take legislative action to support the life-saving and irreplaceable public service of our volunteer emergency responders. Stephanie was able to obtain grants totaling $598,100 for the Fire and Ambulance Companies of the 76th District.

She secured a grant for $125,000 to help restore safe and clean water in the Snow Shoe area.

Stephanie supported HB 722, “Local Resource Manufacturing Tax Credit” to attract greater private investment and create family-sustaining energy jobs.

She supported a bill (HB2682) that would eliminate taxpayer-funded automatic cost of living pay adjustments for legislators.

She sponsored the “Heartbeat Bill” (HB1977) which would protect the unborn and the sanctity of life.

For Stephanie the needs of one person is as important as the needs of one thousand. She saw the need for intervention for about 130 residents of Liberty Township in District 76 who obtained their water thru Monument Water Authority. The groundwater source contained bacteria as well as levels of manganese that could adversely affect public health. This contaminated water source has existed for an unknown time, the first available published testing results are from 2004! Stephanie was able to secure a $400,000 grant for the Monument Water Authority to provide clean and reliable drinking water.

She voted for (HB 2348) to create a reliable, high-speed internet service to Pennsylvanias’ most rural communities. Having been a teacher, Stephanie realizes our students and teachers need this service to improve educational opportunities, our businesses also need it to be competitive and better serve their customers. And doctors and patients need it to improve access to healthcare. The bill was passed by the House, appropriating at least $5 million dollars for the Unserved High Speed Broadband Funding Program account.

I urge you to vote on Nov. 3 to re-elect Stephanie Borowicz as our 76th District representative. Stephanie is a person with principles, intelligence and compassion. She is not concerned with “brownie points.” Nor does she possess the liberal beliefs of our past 76th District representative.


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