Right-wing disinformation



The fevered, Sept. 4 letter to the editor in The Express titled, “Crucial election,” about far-left Democratic Party tendencies is the usual mishmash of misinformation and hysteria. The writer sees Kamala Harris as a revolutionary when she is a moderate very much in the mold of Joe Biden.

He sees an allout adoption of the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, the disappearance of his gun collection and the demise of the NRA in Democratic policies.

The NRA is doing a pretty good job of annihilating itself because of the corruption of its leadership, by the way.

If you take a look at the Democratic Party platform, you will find that the environmental policy primarily would restore clean air and water regulations undone by the Trump administration and get us back in the Paris Climate Accords as a world leader, not an isolationist nation.

Medicare for all? The proposed public option allows private insurers to keep making their profits.

Defunding the police? De-militarizing our police forces harms only the weapons makers.

Joe Biden has been clear that he does NOT support “defunding.” He supports decreasing police responsibility by increasing social services, educational opportunities, investments in the poor.

Then there are the men with guns. Perhaps one should point out that the mobs of (primarily) men showing up in state capitols or “defending” local court houses with their assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are in fact intimidating the rest of us.

We are not talking about hunting rifles or hand guns for self defense.

We are talking about weapons used to kill large numbers of people quickly.

It seems to be a fantasy of the far right that “militias” and vigilantes will be required to keep Trump in power and keep Black people in their place.

These people are a danger to democracy, a danger to us all.


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