Stop Stealing Joe Waltz signs!



“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved and tyranny is erected on its ruins.” Benjamin Franklin spoke up for free speech in the early days of America.

Freedom of speech is required for free and fair elections. Constituents come together, share ideas, and form the best government they can. In our sprawling electorate in America today, part of that dialog includes yard signs proclaiming residents’ political views. Everyone has the right to have the sign of a candidate in their yard.

Yet in Pennsylvania’s 76th District, opponents of Joe Waltz disagree with free speech.

Hundreds of signs have been stolen from citizens’ private property since July. On July 1, Clinton County Democratic Headquarters opened, and within a month, they’d given out 750 signs for Democratic candidates (Joe Waltz, Margie Brown, Lee Griffin and Joe Biden). But many people came back to Democratic headquarters to get a second sign, saying their first one had been stolen from their lawns.

Lock Haven police officers said they’ve had dozens of complaints about signs being removed and they have leads, including license plate numbers.

Ten signs were found ditched in an abandoned home’s yard. Several people reported that their Joe Waltz signs had been removed and a sign for the current representative had been put up in front of their home.

The Lock Haven Express has reported that “political” signs have been taken from lawns. I’d like to make clear that most of the signs removed have been for Democratic candidates. Clinton County Democrats has asked the local Republican Committee to speak out against this continuing theft, but have received no reply.

Hey neighbors, during a campaign, everyone has their first amendment right to display a lawn sign on their private property. Stealing a lawn sign is against our American right of freedom of speech, and it’s a crime.


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