Vote for Joe Waltz


Lock Haven

The very definition of “representative” is: A person chosen to act and speak on behalf of a wider group.

The job of the state representative for the 76th District is to speak and act for ALL of the people in our district no matter their race, creed, orientation or party affiliation.

Why would you run for the office if you weren’t willing to represent every one of your constituents?

I know Joe Waltz. Through his years as an educator, coach, his work with numerous organizations and commissions, and his years of work with the Clinton County Democratic Committee I find Joe to be intelligent, competent, dedicated and honest.

He knows how to communicate and work with people. I am confident that Joe will look out for our best interests in the areas of agriculture, the economy and jobs, energy and the environment, healthcare, infrastructure, veterans’ resources and education.

He will ensure that the Constitutional rights and freedoms of all of us in the 76th District will be protected, including our rights to free speech, peaceful assembly and responsible gun ownership.

Joe will work hard to best serve the people he is elected to represent. The 76th District deserves Joe Waltz as our state representative.


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