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Lock Haven

It is beyond comprehension that the morals of conservative Republican senators has regressed to the lowest level, to uphold the current President’s habitual lies in contrast to the truth of normal behavior.

His credentials are unredeemable and he is unfit to hold the office of President.

His deliberate subversive desire is to disrupt the electoral process in order to win reelection by slowing down the mail system so late mail-in votes won’t arrive in time to be counted, and reducing polling places and U.S. mailboxes will suppress the voting by creating large crowds, thus making them unable to exercise their vote in time because they are unable to endure the hardship.

His confusing, illegal recommendations to do both (vote-by-mail and ALSO at the polling place) will totally invalidate those votes.

He underestimates the intelligence of the voters.

How the extreme, right-wing Evangelical Christians and others can vigorously support an unscrupulous pretender is beyond my comprehension.

His own sister and niece don’t support his sincerity. Never has any U.S.A. President, except this one, so maliciously tried to disrupt and discredit the FBI, Central Intelligence Agency, our valued Allies, and the free press that do not agree with him because he constantly claims they produce fake news.

The only fake news is Fox News and associates. He cozies up to supreme dictator adversaries. He dances to Vladimir Putin’s fiddle.

The only rational conclusion for this accommodating behavior with an aggressive and untrustworthy adversary is because there could be undisclosed actions by our President, extorted by Putin, too shameful to be made public.

This President, if re-elected, along with a conservative Congress, will diminish or abolish Social Security, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act that previously uninsured citizens depend on for health care insurance.

The cries of socialism are from the wealthy, the delusional and the corporations when they are threatened to pay their fair share of taxes like the lower and middle class are required to pay. How many conservatives refuse to accept Social Security checks and Medicare benefits even though the wealthy don’t need help?

One solution to make Social Security solvent is to eliminate the cap on income so the billionaires pay proportionately of their total incomes, just as the lower and middle income tax payers already do.

After-all, the under-privileged sacrifice their lives in defense of freedom while the privileged reap the profits for armaments of war.

The President’s disgraceful remarks about captured and killed United States soldiers and allegedly saying that those who served were “losers and suckers” for not being clever enough to evade serving is atrocious. The are the reported remarks coming from a commander in chief, a person I consider to be an unpatriotic coward who avoided the draft that only the privileged could accomplish.

Those remarks should boil the blood of veterans who served, along with compassionate citizens. I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, of citizens’ rights to bear arms, but this amendment was originally added as a safeguard against tyranny for self-defense and wild game hunting. During the formation of a new experimental, democratic type of government in 1776, the weapon of that day was a single shot, flintlock muzzle-loader rifle. Today’s semi-automatic assault rifles use high-capacity magazines that shoot as fast as one can squeeze the trigger. We need mandatory and most importantly enforced background checks for all purchases of any weapons. That shouldn’t be a point of contention if you are a law-abiding citizen who uses the weapon for the intended purpose of self protection, hunting or recreational use.

Without these safeguards, it’s a recipe for disaster in the hands of the mentally unstable and criminals.

Today’s opposition party only wants to control the sale of automatic assault weapons to save the lives of police officers and the general public, where there’s no need to have them otherwise.

Tyranny cannot get a foothold in a Democracy if citizens exercise their vote to keep undesirables from office.

Concerning COVID-19, the current President has failed miserably to accept the advice of medical experts to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, resulting in 185,000 deaths as of Sept., 4, 2020 and still rising.

He has abolished regulations for corporations to adhere to protective safety regulations in hopes of bolstering the economy at the expense and safety of the air we breathe and the water we drink — which took years to clean up through former legislation.

He does not believe in climate change, resulting in the destruction of towns and property and affecting our agricultural food sources, or accepting solutions to reduce the atmospheric carbon dioxide blanket.

Citizens who do not exercise their right to vote are inviting political chaos.

Be a good citizen and do your duty and exercise your vote at every election.

Your vote does matter.


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