What conservatives don’t understand


Lock Haven

Freedom is not something to ask your government to maintain. The key to freedom is to live your life freely, independent of judgment and ridicule. It’s not a negotiation.

Every ounce of fear that we proclaim for where the other side wants to drive the world is an ounce of power that they hold over you. Because fear is the currency of control. We are now on the ledge of the cliff that liberty falls from. We are living in a technological age with implications against liberty and independence that most people don’t realize. And most of the ones who do hide their face from it because it scares them so much.

We are literally inches from falling off that cliff but most of us refuse to take the blindfold off.

Stop begging for your freedom. Independence is the stuff that freedom is made out of. How can you desire to be free but refuse to take responsibility for your loss of it?

You want to be free yet remain a part of this collective organization that is society. Stop playing politics. It keeps you engaged in a negotiation about your future. Unless you want what is surely coming, you’re on the losing side.

Choose your own future and live it regardless of the consequence. A life without liberty is not worth preserving. Make a life worth living.

If you want to be free, you must sacrifice what is making you unfree. Your life may become more difficult and you will have less time to sit on your bum watching television. But liberation is the most, well, liberating feeling.

As a child, did you really want to grow up to be sedated in your living room watching the world through the lens of narrative driven media? I doubt it. So what changed? What are you willing to do about it?


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