Why no masks and why so loud?


Lock Haven

It’s difficult to understand why so many people will not wear masks.

They have many excuses.

The ones I’ve heard the most: “I don’t have to” and “a mask is annoying.”

I wonder if these people think that being intubated on a ventilator is less annoying than a mask.

I pray very hard that these people do not have to go through this illness and never find out how awful the treatment for COVID-19 really is.

Meanwhile, are there any other people besides myself on Main Street who are as fed up with the terrible racket made by several vehicles that go up Main Street in Lock Haven so many times during the day and late into the night as I am?

Their vehicles have “suped up” motors that can be heard several blocks away, race into town, stop suddenly on their brakes at the traffic lights, screeching tires then “revving” up when starting again making the most unbearable racket.

Vehicles should not be used like toys to annoy the townspeople.

Don’t you sophomoric knotheads have anything else to do?

This pandemic already has peoples’ nerves frayed — we don’t appreciate this behavior and we need more sleep.


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