A scenario in the Biden-Harris America


Pleasant Gap

A scenario in the Biden-Harris America, or should I say Harris-Biden America because Pelosi and her gang will have Joe declared incompetent after the first six months and Harris and Pelosi will rule the country.

Okay, let’s look at a scenario under their America. You and your lovely wife and daughter are spending a quiet evening at home when an intruder breaks into your house, robs and beats you and rapes your loved ones. You have no gun to protect your family because the liberals have taken away your right to bear arms. You call the police for assistance but, alas, their funding has been cut and there are no officers available to assist you. Maybe they can get there in a few days when they’re not overwhelmed with other crimes such as enforcing a national masking ordinance.

Hopefully when you go to the hospital to have your injuries treated you can pay your bill because your private health care plan has also been replaced by a substandard national plan.

The police finally investigate and have found the perp — an illegal immigrant who should have been deported but wasn’t. He will be represented at no cost by a public defender and, in my opinion, will be acquitted by a liberal jury who will feels sorry for him because he’ll be separated from his children.

In my view, that’s life in America under the Biden-Harris ticket.


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